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About Us

Flying along the Anclote River in Historic Tarpon Springs Florida, you’ll find the amazing pollinators of Bayshore Bees. Buzzing, smiling, knowing they’re part of something, something bigger. Knowing everyday they’re creating the "World's Greatest Honey!” That’s right! Website to prove it!

 At Bayshore Bees we’ve found that happy bees make happy honey! So with a title like the World's Greatest, we thrive to always ensure that our products are the best they can bee. Always! We keep our bees the happiest in the most comfortable of settings. Living near the World Famous Sponge Docks and Blessed Spring Bayou, each individual bee roams our fields, free to sample thousands of varieties of pollen and nectar from the lush foliage of tropical Florida. After these sweet little nectar soldiers bring home that gold to mama, everyone is satisfied and their work is complete.

And that’s when our work begins! We’ve put in countless sting hours combined with years of R&D (Research and Development) to guarantee that only the most natural and fresh honey is captured in every jar!

Our goal is to share our love and joy in every product, hoping you look no further for great wholesome Honay!!!

From our hive to yours.

-Bayshore Bees